Dedinskaya Elena

The author of the music for songs, films, advertising clips, cartoons, performances like “Three” , “Woman of the day”, “Martian’s chronicles”, “Slondike” and others. And also for TV shows like “Guess the melody”, “Me by myself”, “News tribes”, “Accidents of the week”, “Point of view with A. Lyubimov”, “Nearby together”, “Know how”. And albums with instrumental music named “My life-my love”, “Echoes of silence”, “The way of the light”, “Doctor dream as well for little child as for adult”, “Solar Wind”, “Rebirth”.

I always understand in my work that music have a very huge meaning in human’s life. It can exalt until mental delight and down up to aggression mad. And I always wanted to create such music for people, which can do easy their mind. I know, that the most important thing in human’s live is to get love. So I create my music about love. About her different conditions. I will be very happy if my music will have a response in your soul.

Sherbinin Konstantin

Blagoveshchensk State Medicine AcademySpecialist, Midwifery & ginecology, manual therapy, pchycotherapy, nevrology, reflexoterapy, exellent 1984 – 1994.Author's methodic of musical theraby by Dedinskaya Elena Pavlovna.

Permanent author of publication and articles in "Reflexology" journal and "Bulletin of Moscow Professional Association of Manual Therapeutics" journal since 2000 year. Activity and communities: Moscow Professional Association of Manual Therapeutics, European Professional Psychoterapeutic league. The real author of exclusive healthy methodic, named " The practice of human healthy by constructive decompression". Have a realy medicine award " Gold Spondyle" and gold diploma of that award for merits in Moscow Professional Association of Manual Therapeutics working and development new direction in manual medicine.

Moscow, Russia 2015, 8-(495) 778-67-67