The expediency of using music therapy in treatment of outpatients and inpatients.

Since ancient times they have known about the huge influence of music on the human body. Secret mysteries of ancient Egypt, India Raga, shaman tambourines, Pythagoras, considering the universe as a huge monochord with one string attached to the upper end of the absolute spirit, the lower - to the absolute matter. In other words, the string taut between heaven and earth. All this is only a small part in the long chain of interaction between human and music. From conception to death, we are surrounded by sea of sounds, or in the language of physics - vibrations. If we remember that every cell has micro vibrations, each body has its own density and therefore its fluctuations, or in the language of music has its own sound, you can imagine what difficult sounding a man has. Over the past twenty years, the noise and the music began to accompany our lives all the time. If we take into account that rhythms of music are becoming tougher, faster, equipment more high-powered, with a larger frequency range, you can imagine what happens to the body. Even if we admit the fact that human pulse is about 60-80 beats per minute, and the rate of songs 180-220 and more, then, getting under the hard pressure of rhythm and sound body begins to live in this vibration. Even if at first the body is stimulated, then this is followed by a sharp decline and unbalances the person. If all this is going on for a long time it may lead not only to a large number of diseases, but also to drug dependence. Moreover we shouldn’t forget about keenness on headphones, where the vibration comes directly into the brain. And this is starting from very childhood, almost from the cradle, when the organism is just developing and has no defense mechanisms. We are unprepared for sound overload that surrounds us every day.

Unfortunately, we have to talk about what could be an ecological disaster in the foreseeable future; the sound disaster has already come. Attempts to understand the mechanism of music effects on a man have always been taken at all times. In every era of human life "own" range of music appeared. Sound and light for a man is the energy source (of life) in the external world. Interest in music therapy and mechanisms of its influence has increased significantly in the second half of the XX century in connection with scientific and technological progress. To be exact, with advent of high-tech and compact audio-visual media and new medical technology that has enabled more accurate study of physiological responses that occur in the body owing to musical and therapeutic effect.

A new trend gradually formed in physical therapy - music therapy.
Music Therapy (MT) – is a therapy that uses music with therapeutic and prophylactic purposes.
MT is considered in two directions, experimental and clinical.
Tasks of experimental MT includes: a study of various aspects of MT - impact on the human body, and the resulting psycho-physiological, biological, biophysical and other reactions.

Currently, an entire industry of audio technology has been created. Areas of technology range from relaxation, meditation, stress reduction, pain and improvement of health to increasing creativity, receptivity to learning and intuition. In a literal sense conception of music therapy A. Tomatis (France) is divine. According to it, the child floating in the amniotic fluid in the period of intrauterine development hears range of sounds that becomes unavailable after birth - the breath of the mother, her heartbeat, voice, noise from the "work" of internal organs, etc. Somehow A. Tomatis simulated filtering of sound through the mother's placenta. He used records for audition by children with various disorders dyslexia, autism, hyperactivity. The results of music therapy concept of A. Tomatis are impressive. Currently, there are a huge number of MT techniques, but they all have the same nature of impact, namely, "impact of “different frequency” on the human auditory system without an analysis of human resistance system.

Modern medicine, using the successes of natural sciences - physics, chemistry, molecular biology – more and more radically interferes with the deepest life-support mechanisms of the human body. Thus, along with outstanding achievements in the diagnosis and treatment of specific diseases increasing destabilization of the human body occurs as an integral self-regulating system. A huge number of strong medicines distort more and more the humoral status of the organism; it produces "medicines" disease.

Areas of technology range from relaxation, meditation, stress reduction, pain and improvement of health to increasing creativity, receptivity to learning and intuition.

The world around us is not linear and is perceived not only by the five senses, known since the days of Aristotle, and others, pointing to the inside of each of us (feeling of volume and space, expectation and curiosity, rhythm and timing, joy and anxiety). Their entire set changes the emotional state of a person under the influence of music. "Journal of the American Medical Association" reported in 1996 the results of research in the field of music therapy. It turned out that musical stimulation increases the release of endorphins and interkeanin, leads to higher levels of basic cells (markers) in the immune system (immunoglobulin A), has an effect on the temperature of the body, affects the blood flow, heart rate and breathing. Thus, it allows us to make constructive use of music therapy in conjunction with music therapy for the benefit of a rational treatment of human diseases.

So, following the facts above, Dedinskaya E.P. wrote a program. It consists of four levels of impact (4 discs audio series). Patent №2150301 - "Method of health improvement through constructive way out of stress." 1st level audio series "Echo of Silence", 2nd level audio series "Path of Light", third level audio series "My life - my love", 4th level audio series "Dr. Dream for children, and adults."

Writing this program Dedinskaya E.P. took into account that the human body while listening undergoes certain changes, the music that was used for the treatment of a human several thousand years ago, is not suitable for the treatment nowadays. And classical music was written, as we know, for concerts, not for treatment. And those music programs, which are assembled from different pieces of music, do not have an exact psycho-emotional impact. In this same program, each level has its own entrance and exit. All together four discs can achieve system stability of a person. Following clinics in Russia use these discs in their practice: 6th Children's Psychiatric Hospital (main children therapist of USSR Drapkin B.Z.), clinic of neuroses the name of Solovyov, 6th Military Clinical Hospital (rehabilitation center-army, prof. Neborsky A.T.), Institute of Neurosurgery the name of Burdenko (profile: cerebral ischemia), etc.

Thus, the "Echo of Silence" - the key to the code of its own vibration. All cells and tissues of the body are in "invisible" communications. They are microscopic vibrations - that in traditional meditation India called "original sound". It is microscopic vibrations which hold together the DNA chains, creates safe environment, favours the deep breathing, reduces muscle tension, increases the mobility and coordination of the body, and lets out thoughts and feelings. It has a stabilizing effect on the central nervous system, removes the overcontrol and gives a deep relaxation effect.

"The Way of Light" - an expansion of consciousness, renewal of relations between the unconscious and consciousness (subcortex and cortex). Activity of the brain in the perception of the world, that forms the image and recognition of differences objects, increases. It gives an opportunity to feel the world brighter and volumetric, creates more ordered efficient and active environment. There is a reconstruction of nerve impulse passage through conduction paths. Inverse relationship between the central nervous system and organs and systems of the body restores; promotes removal of blocks.

"My life, my love" - renews emotional and psychological units. It aligns the excess and lack of emotions, helps to stabilize the energy of the body; to build a bridge between the feelings, emotions and the world in which the patient has to come back. It allows the patient to regain control over him, to dive into the experience, support consciousness emotionally for a long time. Also finds the way to the deepest areas of our psyche even through emotional pain. It gives a sense of inner support and helps with chronic fatigue syndrome.

"Dr. Dream for children and adults" - restores the human biorhythm. It helps to reach the deepest archetypal material. Founded on the principle of vibration that underlies "maternal lullaby," it allows a person to feel the purity and openness of childhood. It gives a sense of stability, security and eternity. Moreover, includes all the sounds of nature, which allows the patient to feel natural interaction with the outside world, as well as to remove the emotional damage associated with prenatal and postnatal period. It is used for depressions and sleep disorders; has a favorable effect during pregnancy and childbirth; normalizes the "mother-and-child" contact.

Thus, the method of music therapy of E.P. Dedinskaya in conjunction with the methods of manipulation and reflexology is applied to outpatients and inpatients, significantly increases efficiency of the treatment process. Physicians are advised to continue offering music therapy to patients at home. The doctor recommends the patient to listen to the program individually, allowing fixing the effect achieved at a session of manual therapy. Thus, using 4 levels of audio series is effective, physiological safe and aseptic technique. There were no complications or adverse reactions of dependence in patients.

This musical program is a universal method and can be used in inpatient and outpatient practice, and subsequent treatment of the patients on their own at home.

Moscow, Russia 2015