The use of psychotherapeutic techniques in manipulation or manual medicine in 21st century

Nowadays manual therapy develops as a separate field of medicine. It includes not only a symptomatic effect on pain zones and removal of pain symptom, syndrome or uncomfortable feeling, but also impact on all units of etiopathogenesis of pathological process. Besides manipulation is based on many medical specialties and includes other fields of medicine. In general, we are talking about formation of a separate field in medicine, about formation of manual medicine. There will be a complete and holistic approach to treatment and medical support of the patient in contrast to symptomatic, single work on the pathological symptoms and syndromes. Manual treatment exists in many countries, and solves the health problem at the level of pain symptoms, locally and highly specialized. In many countries it is not a medical profession. There is no academic, scientific and practical approach to this field. It is based on vibration, energy, shock and lever manipulation that is painful for the patient and hazardous to health. Manual medicine in Russia is developing fundamentally, works at the intersection of science and practice, includes such fields of medicine as psychotherapy, in particular music therapy, physiotherapy, neurology and many other fields. Conservative medical community is focused on technological advances in medicine that must maintain and confirm its conservatism. Modern patient, modern man does not fit into the conservative medicine limits with an array of modern instruments and diagnostic units. Against the background of the growing population of drug sensitization manual medicine is not only ready to support patient needs for health, but also is ready to offer a completely different quality of life without pain, complex, mutilate operations and drug load. Taking into account the increasing role of psychosomatic illnesses, phantom, reflected and psychogenic pain syndromes, masked depression, autism, and other psychogenic illness, which medicine can not adequately resist, manual medicine successfully treat these diseases and gives support to such patients. For more successful and effective treatment of these diseases manual medicine should even more deeply and thoroughly introduce psychotherapeutic methods, in particular techniques of joining, onto psychotherapy, physically oriented therapy and music therapy. These techniques are widely known, easy to use and learn, and efficient. A special place should occupy music therapy in the treatment of the patient and in prophylaxis of mental ecology of chiropractor. Music therapy is part of psychotherapy and bio-resonance therapy, it allows to solve problems related not only to psychosomatic, but also to the whole organism. It brings stability to the process of therapy and rehabilitation of the patient, as it is the link between the patient, his illness and the doctor.

Psychotherapeutic techniques are worked out and tested in practice, their effectiveness is not in doubt, and pathogenetic mechanism won’t cause any complications in treatment, adverse, painful symptoms and aggravate the course of the underlying disease. In addition there is no need to master techniques for long time. All methods are easily to learn within the limits of thematic improvements of doctor or psychotherapy course for chiropractors. Manipulations of chiropractor are understandable to the patient, and do not causes fear. Music therapy stimulates the patient to recover, creates a positive health dominant. Moreover it extinguishes excitation of pathological dominant and removes her emotional colour. In contrast to osteopathic techniques, does not create new co-dependency and does not allow the chiropractor to lose the physical and emotional strength, as well as increases doctor’s empathy during the session. The combined use of manual and psychotherapeutic techniques is safer for the doctor and his mental ecology than the methods of osteopathy. The combination of manual techniques with the techniques of physically oriented psychotherapy can successfully treat psychosomatic illnesses and prevent diseases of not only osteomuscular and nervous systems, but also diseases with mental disorders. Such a joint application and penetration of psychotherapeutic methods in manual medicine brings medical care of population to a new level, covering diseases on the mental level either. Use of manual medicine expands in the limits of prophylaxis of disease in general.

Physically oriented psychotherapy meets the requirements of manual medicine in a holistic approach to human health: physical and mental health is a single whole. And changes in one affect the other. In general, they are united by the opportunity to return integrity of person's health, both physical and mental, to feel the integrity of the whole body, not only to restore the physiology of movements. To provide the conditions for trying psychological, emotional experience as the relationship of physical and mental.

Method of addition is one of the most important methods of therapy; it is widely used and is especially effective in combination with other methods of manual treatment. While using the procedure of addition a chiropractor to be tuned with patient, his illness and gets a depersonalized, dehumanized interaction. It allows the physician to objectively "feel" the disease of the patient, to understand his thoughts and deeds, to choose the right methods and zone of influence, to assess the impact of the disease and pain in general.

Onto psychotherapy – is a psychotherapeutic technique based on "perception knowledge on organic level" or "focus on the primary language of the body." Onto psychotherapist relies not only on reflection and analysis of the results obtained in other fields, but also on the discovery made by the most onto psychological diagnostics. Ontopsychotherapist diagnoses using his own body, his internal organs. Doctor "touches a patient with his eyes," and further by all his body, entering into resonance with the patient's body, his internal organs. Chiropractor has access to the onto In-se, monitor deviations and semantic field of the patient.

Music therapy is based on the author's program of E.P. Dedinskaya. It consists of six discs: "Echoes of Silence", "Dr. Dream for children and adults" "The Way of Light", "My life - my love", "Solar Wind" and "Rebirth". This musical program covers the whole of modern man, from the somatic and emotions to consciousness and super consciousness, the highest "Me". Music influences a person in two directions: as a vibration in the complex biological system - the person and as semantic information. It is not necessary for chiropractor to select music for each patient, it is enough to know how each disc works, put it and get a guaranteed result. The program is simple in use and easily trained, does not cause paradoxical effects and addiction nor to the doctor nor to the patient. This musical program support doctors, both emotionally and physically during the day. So physician’s empathy grows with each session, with each disc, and that fact allows him to safeguard his mental environment and maintain his physical health. Also it makes a session interesting, productive, but not gray and mundane. Program stimulates the patient to recover, changes emotional colour of core of aggrieved affects of pathological dominant, balances dominant relations, handles priorities, and promotes removal of the functional blocks.

Using these psychotherapeutic methods simultaneously in the session of manual therapy, chiropractor influences on all parts of etiopathogenesis, rebuilds lost mental functions that favours strengthening and reunification of the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system. Fully provide medical care, even in diseases of the 21st century such as: masked depression, phantom, reflected and psychogenic pain syndromes, autism. Also chiropractor increases his medical qualification to integrative medicine. Medical aspects of the pathological process often do not fit into the limits of a medical specialty. Chiropractor is obliged to improve his skills in allied health fields. Expansion of professional medical education is a bail of correct diagnosis and adequate treatment, as well as support for the patient and disease. Simple mastering techniques and its mechanical use does not treat the patient and does not cure the disease, but discredits method in general and in particular the physician. Each of the methods mentioned above have been used in medicine and psychology for a long time. They are well studied and easy to learn, combine with manual therapy techniques, promote internal accuracy of physician and discipline him. It relieves the doctor psychologically during the session, raises his psychological stability and capacity for work. The techniques can not be applied mechanically. Mastering these methods, a chiropractor, immerses in the specialty emotionally and mentally, studies his psychological blocks and masters techniques realizing what method on which process has impact.

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Moscow, Russia 2015