Treatment of masked depression and associated chronic pain syndrom by manual therapy and music.

The problem of the treatment depressive disorders is the urgent issue of modern medicine. Different syndromes and symptoms develop on its background, somatopathy is also common. They are mutually aggravate the course of disease and its treatment. Pathology grows into multifactorial one. Chiropractors often faces the problem of masked depressive disorders in their practice. Most of them, engaged in the treatment of chronic pain, or other vertebral pathology often don’t diagnose masked depressive disorders, or don’t pay proper attention to the treatment of this disease. They don’t inform the patient about the presence of such serious illness.

Multifactorial pathology requires a modern integrative approach in the diagnosis and treatment.

Masked depressive disorders bases and develops on the structures of the central nervous system, which subsequently trigger pathological processes, diseases of the locomotor and nervous system, chronic pain in this list. Groups of neurons form a pathological system, that leads to violations of the processes of excitation and inhibition of nerve impulses. In return pathological interneuronal communications take place. Depletion of neurotransmitters. Disturbance of information transfer and processing between neurons and error detector. Violations of humoral regulation consolidates and completes the formation of pathological system and its emotional component launches a new pathological processes of latent pathological systems. Motivational messages force CNS to derive other benefit, that leads to increasing in number of errors in groups of neurons. The clinical symptoms of this process is deepening masked depression and emotional replay of sentiment. Patient can not break the cycle of the same type of emotional experiences. Owing to this fact physiological component of chronic pain widenes.

Integrative approach to the treatment of multifactorial pathological lies not only in the treatment of chronic pain components, but also in the restoration of all parts of the pathological system, including the treatment of masked depression by manual and music therapy.

Manual medicine techniques in conjunction with music therapy successfully applied not only in the treatment of chronic pain, but also in the treatment of masked depression. It is so called integrated approach in the treatment of pathological systems.

Methods of manual therapy were used in the treatment of masked depression, among them craniosacral therapy, acupressure, method anti-distention and myofascial release. Music therapy is represented by a basic program of E.P. Dedinskaya. It consists of four disks, two new discs: the "Solar Wind" and "Renaissance", which were written especially for out of doldrums, including masked ones. The duration of therapy was forty minutes at the reception. Totally 37 patients were treated, the average age was 37.5 years, the average number of sessions was 20 visits per course.

The disc "Solar Wind" gradually opening up the patient, brings positive emotions, allows him to escape from the circle of the same type of emotional experiences. It motivates the patient to recover, reduces errors in groups of neurons, restores the error detector.

The CD "Rebirth" brings the patient to a new level of emotional experiences, expands the boundaries of consciousness. It allows the patient to understand himselve, to plunge into the depths of his subconscious. It motivates not only to recover, but also to a qualitatively new way of positive thinking and emotional state.

These discs fix central nervous system disorders, balance the flow of impulses. They able to include regulatory mechanisms and brake control; work with pathological systems which underlie the corresponding nerve disorders, such as depression, autism, chronic fatigue, emotional burnout and chronic pain.

A comprehensive approach in the treatment of masked depression and associated chronic pain, by manual and music therapy allows the chiropractor to bring the patient out of the doldrums and save the patient from chronic pain by influencing on all links of etiopathogenesis.

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Moscow, Russia 2015