Musical Therapy

Musical therapy created and begin to be out in 1998. Its included 6 cd: Doctor Dream, My life-my love, The way of the light, Echoes of silence, Solar Wind and Rebirth. They helps to system’s recuperate of human organism and consult with such mal like depression and autism. It helps to do working doctors of different speciality. There is absolutely universal and you don’t need special knowledge to use that. Just pitch the cd and music brings you love and garmony.

  Echoing of silence   “Echoes of silence”
“Echoes of silence” – gives you a key of your own vibration code. All cages, somatic tissues are located in “sightless” connection and represents microvibrations? That’s what named “First born sound” in traditional Indian’s meditation There are some micro chops and changes, that withhold DNA. Makes safety community, promotes a deep breath, brings down myotonia, rases flexibility, releases thinking and feelings. Has a stabilization Influence on central nervous system. Remove supercontrol and gives rooted relaxing effect.
  The way of the light   “The way of the light”
"The way of the light" – there are enlarged of state of awareness, recuperating connections between the unconscious and state of awareness (subcortex and cortex). Grown up cerebration in the perception outworld, formation of characters and recognition difference between objects. It gives us a chance feel outworld more lightly and volume, makes more improvement effective and active outworld. Happens recuperating of transiting nerve impulse on path. Recuperates straight biofeedback between central nervous system and organism, and systems of our organism, promotes removal blocking.
  My life my love   “My life-my love”
"My life-my love” – recuperates human psychoemotional state. Equalizes both abundance liability of emotions, favors of the energetical stabilization of organism, helps construction “bridge” between feeling, emotions and external world, which in patient should be return. Allow patient to equalize themselves control, to re-collect in their own experience, to hold on conscience emotionally during long time. “My life-my love” looking for to the most domane of psychics, even through out emotional pain. Give us feeling of interior support. Helps for chronic fatigue syndrome.
  Doctor dream as well for little child as for adult   “Doctor dream as well for little child as for adult”
“Doctor dream as well for little child as for adult” – recuperates human’s biorhythm. Helps to come at deepmost archivetype’s material. Predicated on the principle of vibration of mother’s lullaby, allows to return human in virginity and hospitability of childhood. Gives us sense of fixity, safety and everlasting. Includes all of nature’s sounds, which allows to return patient to native interaction with outworld and take away emotional injury, connected with antenatal life and postnatal period. Can use for depression and sleep disorder. Exert favorable effect in pregnancy period and genus. Conduce to normalize contact in “mother-child” complex.
  The Sunny wind   “Solar Wind”
“Solar Wind” – album of series “Musical therapy”. Have been written for going off depression. You can diving, feel with and live in different state and affection with music from “Solar Wind”. You can escape depression, stress and burnout, and going out positive state, fill with optimism, sociability, and cheer of the sun.
  Rebirth   “Rebirth”
"Rebirth" – program’s album. Music from this album should be named emotional meditation. It allows us look into deep of unconscious, extend boundary of it and going to other level of superconscious.
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Moscow, Russia 2015